Take some time to step back and catch some deep breathes today. These three yoga breathing exercises (also known as pranayama, which means “breath control” in Sanskrit) will calm your nervous system, bring mental clarity and balance your energy — all by helping you creating a present moment of calm and confidence that you want. 

Learning how to breathe is the first step in mastering a meditative state, a true meditative state comes to that point where you just start to focus on your breath until everything goes away.

This video is by Caren Baginski,  a certified yoga instructor, and writer, who helps people stuck in patterns such as anxiety, self-doubt or depression to reclaim peace of mind through a results-oriented yoga and meditation practice.

Pranayama Number One

This pranayama exercise is all about elongating your exhales, it’s also known as the the 4-7-8 breathing exercise. You inhale to a count of four then exhale to a count of 6-8. Closing your eyes during the exercise will help calm your nerves even further.

Pranayama Number Two

Kabbalah Batit, also known as Skull Shining Breath.  With this breathing exercise, you fill up with a nice deep inhale, then you force out your exhales by pumping your abdomen with your hands.

Pranayama Number Three

Nadi Shodhana or alternate nostril breathing. Use your index and pinky finger to plug your left or right nostrils and breathe through them alternatively as Caren shows us in the video above.

Practice these three yoga breathing techniques once or twice a day because once they are established and you are focused on breathing you can start to quiet your mind and become totally present.


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