You can be the most positive person in the world, but there are just times when the weight of the world pushes you into an anxious state.


Life doesn’t always look beautiful but it is life. Here are 9 ways we can cope with anxiety naturally, let go of stress, and handle stressful situations better. 

Pause Relax and Breathe

When you start feeling stress relax and breath do your favorite breathing exercise. Breathing is a wonderful way to cope, it allows you to pause, create awareness and release.


When life changes it doesn’t need to be stressful and filled with anxiety, we can release it, we can let go of it. When change comes we can welcome it, we can take it on head first, and we can make positive things happen. How can we do that? One of the things we need to do is to start writing stuff down.

Write Down What You’re Feeling

Sometimes simply putting our feelings down on paper is a release in itself and allows you to relax a little bit. It’s important to write down notes, ideas, and journal throughout your day.


In order to start coping with anxiety and start making significant changes, we have to start seeing things differently. We live in an extremely pessimistic world, therefore we have very pessimistic conditioning, and we are routinely getting battered by the negative things that bring anxiety.

  • Write down the good things.
  • Things to be grateful for.
  • Write down things you’re feeling.
  • Your daily “wins.”

Review the positive things every week and you will start to see that there really isn’t so much negative.

The best way to cope with anxiety naturally is to step back, get into the right mindset, and think about it practically. Become still and don’t worry about the past or the future. The first step in reducing your anxiety naturally is to become totally present and start to understand the aspect of time which so many of us struggle so much with.

Understand the Past No Longer Exists

The past is over…drop it. If you can’t get over something that went wrong in your life, remember this quote, “Do not blame yourself for past errors.”

The past is really nothing more than a perception, traces of memory in our minds. Everyone perceives things differently. Say you and a friend spend an hour looking at paintings in an art gallery, in the end, your perceptions about the art would be totally different.



Our pasts are different, our past is the perception of things that have occurred but people seem to get stuck there. Guilt and anxiety just holds us back and keeps us from moving forward and being anxiety free.

The Future Hasn’t Happened Yet

A lot of stress and anxiety comes from our perceived future that things aren’t changing, that something is going to occur. The past is gone and the future hasn’t happened yet. We have this moment, so let’s take action on things so we don’t build up the worry and the anxiety and stress that causes us to break down in our physical lives, phonological lives, and everywhere else.

It dose us no good to worry too much or have anxiety about some event that is coming. We get stuck in the future because we are waiting for an outcome. If we keep wanting then we just get the want, the want of money or the want of love, and it’s not going to help you break free.


Worrying is a misuse of the imagination. The future will happen, there will be a future time, but that future will be a continuum of this moment. Sometimes we get so caught up in the future that we don’t recognize that our present moment in time is where our strength is and where we need to work in.

Seek Internally Not Externally

Everything starts internally, look to find the peace inside yourself. No matter how crazy you may perceive things, you can always say “I can choose peace instead of this”. You can always choose peace instead of what you’re feeling in your current emotion.

Let Go of Things Which No Longer Serve You

There is massive power in detachment. if we can learn to let go then we can focus on peace. The more we want the less we get. Most people consistently want more money but you can’t just want it all the time. Wanting money is one of those things we need to let go of and just allow it to come into our life. We need to pull back, release, and build, and create value and the money will come.


Let go of your lack thinking, we can’t get angry when a football player makes 100 million dollars, don’t get angry when someone flys by you in a Lamborghini, we can’t, that would take away from our own prosperity conscience. Instead, embrace the fact that if they can do it then we can do it. If we can just defeat the lack thoughts it will make a difference in our own worlds, and when we make the differences in our own world we make differences in other people’s world.

Let go of the search and have gratitude that right here & right now is all the power that you need. Quit worrying about what everyone thinks and having things you don’t need in your mind, just go do it.

  • A good read, Dr. David R. Hawking’s book Letting Go.
  • Another good method great for releasing, the Sedona Method.

When we get rid of the want and learn to relax, the belief comes.

Build on Your Self-Affirmations

It’s really good to start talking to yourself and repeat phrases out loud. Learn to build on your affirmations.

“Every day in every way I’m getting stronger and stronger, things are getting better and better.”

“Each day I feel more comfortable saying no to others.”

Affirmations are not some magical cure but it is a way to get yourself away from negative thoughts.

Become More Physically Active

Motion creates emotion. Get moving and get those endorphins going. When we walk around or get out and exercise it can help us release.


Staying active is good for your body and your mind. Exercise is amazing, it’s almost like a drug, it’s your body so take care of it, what exercise has done for my life has been magical.

Stay Focused on Getting Your Mind Right

Let go of wanting everything that you want. Have faith in the universe. Things will start to work for you. Especially if your working with and listening to a system like where you get the daily clarity and energy you need every morning to get you day started off strong.

I have learned so much from their daily 15-minute coach casts, and it has really helped me change my own life. If you’re ready to get inspired, positive, and on track, I recommend you start listening to JB today and every day for massive energy, wisdom, and great ideas in the mornings.

Remember to allow things to start to come into your life. If you’re pushing a lot away and if you are closing a lot of doors then it’s time to pull it in and start opening the doors.


A lot of life’s stressors can be dealt with relatively fast so get on it. Take care of things, it really makes life a whole lot better when we start taking control and start taking action. Learn these technics, put your goals down and release and every day you will make progress.

Love life for what it is, seek inside, become present, and find peace, because that is where the truth lies, and that is where you will find the answers.


5 thoughts on “9 Ways to Cope With Anxiety Naturally”

  1. Awesome points man and although I feel kinda weird writing it down, I’m going to give it a shot. Definitely going to step up the exercise part of my life this year and I will also try to leave the past behind me. Might not be that easy, but I guess I have to at least try!

    1. Yes writing things down at first can definitely feel kind of weird but in the scope of things you will gain a higher perspective when you go back and review your year. For a lot of people answering the question “what’s the worse thing that happened to you this year?” is a lot easyer for them than answering “what is the best thing that happened to you this year?”.

  2. These are really great list of exercises. I do some of what you listed about and really believe that we should let our pasts go, and not dwell on it, nor worry about a future that hasn’t happened yet. This list is great and might be common sense to some, but I believe in its power not to just relieve stress but to alter your point of view and belief. Great post!

  3. Hi Steven! Awesome article! I sometimes struggle with anxiety because I always feel like I’m running out of time to accomplish things I’d like to accomplish in my lifetime. Been this way since I was about 12/13 so I definitely love the first point and the point about the future not being here yet.

    Thanks for this great post and will definitely try and apply some of the tips into my life!

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