Can Music Help Anxiety?

I’d say the answer to that question is a big fat YES. I love music because it can take you back, help you be more creative, more productive, and can take you through a variety of emotions. Music can make you sad or it can make you happy and it’s a wonderful way to get in touch with life itself.

If you want more passion in your life then start to get involved in music and start to bring more music into your life. Here is what you can start doing today with music to help control your stress anxiety most effectively.

Know that Music Can Release Anxiety

Music is a wonderful thing we can all get into, it’s a release, and it can really help us move forward in different areas of our lives when we are stuck or when things aren’t going well or even when we need to morn. Research has shown that people who use high energy music in the morning and before they face challenging situations have increased productivity by as much as 200%.

Learn to Really Listen To Music

We have a tendency to just put it on in the background and let it run while we do whatever, even I do this a lot, but there is just something wonderful about kicking back and really just listening to music that can make a difference. Just close your eyes and do nothing but listen to some of your favorite music sometimes and let the music to be absorbed into your body.

Make Playlists and Organize Your Music

If you listen to any one song or artist too often it will start to lose it’s positive effectiveness no matter how much you love it. This is why it’s important to have a variety of go-to music and make a lot of different playlists.

  • Motivation
  • Relaxation
  • Studying
  • Creating
  • Bedtime playlist
  • Meditation playlist
  • Spiritual Playlist
  • Positive Energy playlist
  • Workout playlist
  • Abundance playlist
  • Any kind of playlist you want

Create playlists that fit into your patterns and passions. Have all types of playlists that can take you wherever you want, even back into memories of your past.

Be careful with some of the lyrics because they will slide into you sub conscience. It’s important to listen to be aware of what we are listening to . Steer clear of lyrics involving “lack thinking” or other negative things that can come into your life. Every genre has these kind of negative vibes you don’t want to tie into, you want to tie into the positive vibe of music. Consider what you’re listening to and why you’re listening to it.

Take your time creating your playlists, you don’t have to create them all in one day. Get used to making playlists and do it over time. It adds so much to life when you can just turn on some music and let go.

Be Bimusical (Open to Other Genres)

I’ve always listen to all sorts of music and research has shown that listening to different genres has a positive effect on your brain. Try lisening to more country, more rap, more alternative, even try some world music. It’s good to switch things up once in a while. All that switching, whether between languages or musical cultures, leaves a physiological impact.

Use NLP Nero Linguistic Programming

There’re some songs and types of music that are simply amazing at putting you in the right place. But be careful not to use any song too much.

The important thing is to use music strategically, you can’t just listen to the same music all the time and expect the same results every time.  But repetition can be effective in an upbeat exercise playlist, or a calming bedtime playlist, and meditation playlists.

It’s easy to use NPL, all you have to do is get those specific songs that really take you someplace, and have them ready when you need to go there.

See Some Live Music

When is the last time you’ve let your hair down and went to a concert or even danced a little bit? There are a lot of groups touring around, find the music that you like and go see one.

Relax, listen, and just enjoy the music. It’s amazing how the energy of live music can free you and tie you into the energy of the people that around you.

Learn an Instrument and Create Music

It’s never too late to learn something new and playing an instrument can be a great way to release stress. Music is beautiful and if you can create some that’s awesome.

Songs that Can Put You in the Right Place

Slow down and appreciate the music today, get into it, dance, sing, or just rock-n-roll. You’ll become more creative, productive and feel energized.

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