The fear of driving a car is quite common among many drivers. A very debilitating anxiety, I use to know just how deeply the fear of driving a car can affect one’s career, happiness, social life, & general well-being, in spite of my suffering, I had been letting my anxiety pile up instead of taking action.

As a result I relinquished my personal power and commuted via public transportation, avoiding places that require driving, I ended up staying indoors feeling left out, resentful, and generally bad.

It’s truly a shame people think they might not ever get over the fear of driving a car since car driving phobia can indeed be successfully treated and cured. There’s no reason to let life pass you by due to fear of driving a car. Like many phobias, it’s simply a temporary state of mind that doesn’t have to last a lifetime.

You CAN Get Over the Fear of Driving

I got over my fear of driving a car, so can you! If you want to get over the fear of driving a car, understand that the power to overcome it is within you, it has been all along. In order to eliminate it forever, however, is up to you to make the commitment to yourself.  Here are a few constructive tips to get you safely back on the road.

Breath! Take Slow Deep Breaths

If you notice yourself starting to become anxious or see something that might cause you anxiety, take a moment, inhale deeply, and try to relax… Breathing in and out slowly and calmly… It’s proven that mindfully taking a broad breath and gathering yourself actually stabilizes your heart rate and allows you to relax at the same time.

Don’t Face your Fears Alone

Consider asking a friend or someone in your family along for support. Many people had or have anxiety, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding a friend willing to help you get over the fear of driving. Not only will you feel less fearful, but it will also boost your confidence as well.

Tune Into Some Music

Try listening to your favorite music or something relaxing or just whatever makes your feel good while driving. Music is energy and has the power to deeply impact your mood & feelings. Picking music that you can easily relax to while you’re driving will help you more than you know. It lessens your overall anxiety while allowing you enjoy yourself.

Start Taking Steps to Eliminate Your Driving Fears

Just like any goal, you will need to commit to taking small steps to get over the fear of driving. Write down your goals and keep a journal of your progress. Don’t let your fear of driving limit you. Don’t let yourself give up driving altogether.

Chip away at it, success is built daily, not in a day.

Even if you only improve 1% a day.

Take small steps rather than huge strides.

Drive to a nearby grocery store or just around the block. If you must, pull over and take a breather if you feel your fear returning. Don’t even think about worrying what others might think. Start today by developing an understanding of your anxiety. Taking action will train your mind to gradually get over your fears of driving a car. The Driving Fear Program is the leading resource specifically for getting over fear while driving.

Basically, getting over your fear of driving is up to you taking action and making the clear decision that you are going to face your fears head-on, and take the necessary steps to do so. In general, driving should be a pleasurable experience for everyone, get over your fear of driving a car and start enjoying the road!

Take control today!



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