F**k Anxiety’ is my exact sentiment towards anxiety. Lol

I found this 70-page book to the point, funny, and informative. There is lots of swearing and humor and also loads of helpful and actionable information. You learn about anxiety and how to find the weapons within yourself to slay it for good. 

Very refreshing, humorous and realistic look at anxiety issues and treatments and some easy, practical advice on free things that you can do for yourself anytime and anywhere that anxiety strikes!

The author, Robert Duff is a doctorate in clinical psychology, he talks directly to the reader in a down to earth and realistic manor. He even talks about how to speak to others in your life about the condition and what you’re going through.

Because this book throws off all pretenses I was able to read it without my typical skepticism…. And it helped. Robert knows his stuff and presents it in a very accessible non-threatening way. And it’s a quick read.

Right now I’m also self-employed and I thought it was great that the author touched on the anxieties that self-employed people feel as well (so relatable).

F**k Anxiety offers practical ways both to learn to avoid anxiety when possible and to learn how to better tolerate one’s anxiety symptoms.

Start taking control of your anxiety today!


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