Can exercise help anxiety?

You may think that adding exercises to an already stressful day would make your day more stressful but what it actually does is amazing. Motion creates emotion! Here are seven ways exercise can help reduce anxiety and depressing feelings.

How Exercise Can Help Anxiety

  1. Physical exercise releases endorphins, one of your brain’s feel-good chemicals, they act as natural painkillers.
  2. Increases your value and sense of well-being.
  3. Reduces fatigue and improves our ability to sleep.
  4. Physical exercise boosts your health and fitness.
  5. Exercising allows us to release stress by becoming present focusing only on the exercise.
  6. Exercises give you the ability to manifest.
  7. Mental exercises also create mental fitness.

Simply put, energy creates energy! Exercising, whether it’ a physical exercise or mental exercises, increases our health, gives us energy, and it makes us feel vibrant.

The act of exercising itself shows your body and mind at a deep level that you love and value yourself. Physical exercise also releases endorphins, one of your brain’s feel-good chemical neurotransmitters.

Our Health is our Wealth.

Health and fitness is, I think, one of the most important areas we can look at. Because when you really understand how important health and fitness is in life it probably is THE most important aspect of things. If we don’t have health and fitness how do we really have a quality life?

We have to make sure that we are taking care of ourselves. Our health is what we need to enjoy life. If we are not proactive with our health and our fitness then the message we are sending to the universe is that we really don’t love and value life so much. We all value our lives but sometimes we just forget how much. No matter what life you are looking to live just do it, make it fun, stay positive!

Get Addicted to Exercise

Get on a health kick, at least go out for a walk, it will make a huge difference! Get off to a great start with what exercises you know how to do then create momentum by sticking with it and applying fun and new exercises and healthy habits into your lifestyle.

Like staying away from unhealthy foods and eat foods that calm anxiety. The kind of foods that are natural and wholesome, not processed or stimulated.

Remember to keep it fun, associate exercise with pleasure, not pain, enjoy it for the experience, it can become very rewarding. If a TV and Treadmill sound fun to you, do that. Perhaps the company of an exercise buddy or personal trainer would make it fun. It can be as easy as getting out in nature and taking a walk.


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