Most people dread speeches and experience a lot of anxiety after realizing that being the maid of honor actually means you have to come up with, write, and deliver maid of honor speeches and wedding toasts.  Public speaking is one of the most common anxiety problems people experience, but you shouldn’t worry. 

I found two writers with everything you need to prepare and deliver massively successful maid of honor speeches. They have been writing wedding speeches for decades and have come up with some very helpful speech packages on all aspects of speech giving at a wedding. I was impressed enough to write my own testimonial on them.

When I used them for my best man speech, they provided 25 professionally written sample speeches, some from famous people’s weddings. I must say that the speech samples are very entertaining. You don’t want to let go of it. You actually enjoy reading them all.


The speech samples are flexible and adaptable. You can relate to various situations in so many samples. All you need to do is pick and choose portions from various speeches and make them a part of your own speech.

I wove in my own stories and anecdotes, and I was able to write my own unique speech, with a couple funny quotes I also got from their package. I ended up saving a lot of time and energy looking for the right thoughts and words.

The book feeds you with both, the ideas as well as the appropriate words for expressing those ideas. There is also a lot of additional information that you can use to add a punch to your maid of honor speech.

The book excels in preparing you on all aspects of speech-giving from writing to presentation. Even if you have never written a speech all your life or have never spoken in public.

With the help of this step by step guide you will win the heart of each and every individual in the room. I personally guarantee what you will get from this e-book will be far beyond your expectations!

Take control of any anxiety today and Create Your Own Funny, Fearless, Flawless Maid of Honor Speeches at

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2 thoughts on “Maid of Honor Speeches”

  1. I was the best man at my uncle’s wedding two years ago and although it was a small one, I felt a little nervy at one point. I had a little prewritten speech that I had to memorize in a short period of time.

    It turned out not too bad at all, but I wished I had prepared a bit more before making the speech. I will have to get some lessons from this Maid of Honor Speeches ebook and sharpen up my speeches when the time comes around again. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this Steve.

    All the best,

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