Financial anxiety is that negative feeling that we get that there is not enough. Like when we need to manifest more instantaneously, we need to get it, we need to have it.

A lot of us face this kind of anxiety, we go month to month just feeling like we can’t get ahead, wondering if we’ll ever break free of this financial worry.

It takes courage to get through financial anxiety because the anxiety itself is what holds us back. It keeps us away from manifesting the wealth we want.

If you’re consistently having financial anxiety, that is what you are going to get. Energy goes where attention flows, the more we focus on something the more we get it.

As we lay in bed and we ponder and think about our financial worries we are actually bringing more of them into our life.

Understand that this moment is the most important moment that we have and we really have to control our mental processes to get away from the anxiety that is holding us back.

Because it is, it’s totally keeping us away from accumulating more wealth. There are no money issues, there are only idea issues. There are so many things happening around us, but we get so stuck in our financial anxiety and worry about making $500 more, or $20,000 more.

I understand that an extra 3-20 hundred can make all the difference in the world, but we have got to be able to open up to the creativity that is going to allow us to find amazing ideas that can generate wealth and really create abundance in our lives.

How to Conquer Your Financial Anxiety

We all have the ability, especially if you can commit to working on yourself. First, understand where you are, then start to remove the anxiety by getting organized and making a game plan in order to attack it, and then work that game plan.

Wealth can be built if your willing to get the skill sets and get the value that is going to allow you to put value into the universe. Everything you do in life is going to have its hills and valleys, but if you have a game plan and you’re working it you can start to build consistently.

Use your game plan to come out of the financial anxiety, because it does no good to worry, or to argue, or to keep going over it again. It does no good to think, we are not going to have enough money this month, things aren’t working, this isn’t happening, or that’s not happening.

Work your game plan, get new skill sets, progress, believe, and be happy. Once you understand that everything is internal then the external takes care of itself, but we really fight and battle in the external so much, especially in the area of wealth and finance. We worry about what people think, we are bombarded by messages telling us drive this, or you got to have this, don’t do that, that we aren’t acceptable.

It’s time to erase all that junk and start to realize that just being alive is a miracle, and just being alive gives us the creative ability to go out and live a life, a dynamic life. It’s time to start living the life, time to take some calculated risk.

If you’re looking to bring more financial freedom in your life I suggest you start listening to Morning Coach. It’s a great way figure out what to do to build more revenue and have the lifestyle that you want.

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